Pilates Plus Online
 is a family owned business is dedicated to encouraging all individuals to move better, smarter and feel good about their accomplishments. Grace, along with her two sons Shawn and Daniel, believe that fitness at any level is worth applauding and stimulating.
With this online platform they are able to reach out and inspire more people to take care of themselves and become part of the Pilates Plus family. We thank you and are grateful for your presence. 

Grace Shaw

With more than 35 years of experience in the fitness industry and numerous certifications ( Stott, Yogafit, ACSM, Post-rehab specialist) Grace is the owner of the Centre Holistique Pilates et plus, the first center of its kind on the north shore of Montreal. As a dedicated trainer who always offers her clients the most up to date techniques, Grace moved towards life coaching. Realizing that physical and mental health go hand in hand to achieve life goals, she became certified with the Canadian Coaching Association in 2009. She also became a reiki level 3 therapist. To further her education, she went to Arizona for an intensive course in Timeline, hypnotherapy, and NLP life coaching, where she obtained her degree in 2011. She followed that by obtaining her Master Practitioner certification studying with Richard Bandler , the founder of NLP.

Grace offers teacher-training classes, workshops on various topics, and shares her passion and commitment to a healthy lifestyle to her staff and clients. Her many tools along with her drive and caring attitude can help you attain your goals, whatever they may be.

Shawn Belliveau

Shawn, osteopath and lecturer, graduate in Kinesiology from McGill University, is director of the osteopathic clinic of the "Center de Santé Holistique Pilates & Plus" in Saint-Eustache. Passionate about the human body, he is convinced that it is essential to master the functioning of each part of this complex system and their interactions in order to improve health. In order to achieve healing, all aspects of the person must be addressed: physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual.

International flying trapeze artist in another life, he has been teaching Pilates and yoga for over 15 years. He subsequently obtained several certifications in manual therapy, nutrition, coaching and emotional technique; just as many techniques aimed at addressing patients' health problems at the source.

Daniel Belliveau

From a young age, Daniel loved all sports, playing hockey, football, soccer, basketball until his teenage years. Soon after he started his Pilates training alongside his mom.

In 2006, he moved to Vancouver and became an Executive sous-chef at some of the finest restaurants in the city. In Vancouver he started an intense yoga practice to balance out his life with his hectic job. As his practice developed, he realized the mental and physical wellness these practices offered him. He decided he wanted to share this with other people. He made a career change which also offered him a healthier life.

On his return to Montreal he became certified in the Pilates technique at Centre de Santé Holistique Pilates et plus and also in the Yoga, RYT200 at Ashtanga Yoga in Montreal. Daniel is always studying and obtaining more certificates to deepen his practice and teachings. He is certified as a Personal Trainer Specialist with Canfitpro, a level 1 Holistic Lifestyle coach with CHEK Institute and studying the Functional Patterns course on-line.

Daniel appreciates the discipline, hard work and mindfulness that Yoga and Pilates encourage. He inspires his clients while they train with individual results and attention in a safe environment. Now he is continuing to create and inspire to encourage all people to train regularly with Pilates Plus Online.